Just a Click Away.

Simple and easy to use.

All it takes is the click of a button for your web site customers to talk to you live for free. No software installations, no logins, no registrations.

Proven to Perform.

Boost your online sales.

Based on VOIP technology, CrossRange live click to call web software is loaded with features, economical to use and delivers high Return on Investment.

Like no other.

Communicate with freedom.

Our live web software supports calls to and from a wide range of devices including Mobile Phones, Computers, iOS Devices, Android Devices, IP Phones and more.

How it works?
Three easy steps to say hellow using our live interaction software plugin!
Integrate CrossRange on your web site

Start by registering with us, it just takes a couple of minutes. Add a few lines of code into your web site and you have setup CrossRange live click to call software on your web site.
Visitors can see and click CrossRange button

Users visiting your web site would be able to see the live click to call button the way you configured it. A mere click of this button will initiate a free live call to you.
Your device starts ringing

The hardware device or software you have chosen to receive calls on will start ringing. You can receive calls from your web site on mobile phone, land phone. iOS Devices, Android Devices, PC and more. Calls on IP network are totally free of cost.
Conversation Starts!

Accept the incoming call to start talking to your web site visitor live. Using our live single click interaction software is really as simple as that.
My CrossRange!
Custom UI Create a customized click to call button to match the look and feel of your website. Your CrossRange user panel contains a really easy to use multi color selection feature that allows you to select from over 16 million colors. You can change the color of the button almost instantly from your control panel.
Custom UI Your CrossRange user panel allows you to monitor a wide range of live statistics for the plugin on your website including full call logs, location details of the users calling in, graphical analysis reports, missed calls and more.
Custom UI Customize your call settings from the CrossRange user panel to control which devices receive calls from your website. You can configure devices to receive calls on, available timings for each device, order in which devices should be called and more.
Fully Loaded
Our live click to call software provides unmatched value for money by delivering the best of features and performance at the best rates. Here are a few reasons why you would want to use our innovative live click to call software on your web site.

Integrates seamlessly into web sites

Works directly from user's web browser.

Very easy and simple to use software plugin

Supports multiple devices of your choice

Time based call forwarding

Priority based call routing

CrossRange is Customizable

Handle multiple calls at same time
Choose Your Device
CrossRange supports multiple software and hardware devices. Use the device of your choice with our live click to call software